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 Joe Biden knows how to run up a tab. The vice president traveled to Paris for one night, last month, and racked up a hotel bill of  more than $500,000.

Some details behind his expensive stay were released Friday, with Biden’s grand total reaching $585,000. The massive tab was due to the more than 100 rooms rented out for the VP and his entourage, at the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand.

Although his price-per room rate has not been released, Biden is believed to have been given a group rate for his stay at the five-star hotel.

From MSN Money:

Biden did spend an evening in Paris in early February, but there are no details in the document about whether this contract is accurate or what the final hotel bill came to. A standard room in the hotel costs about $475 a night, and the royal two-bedroom suite runs about $3,900 a night.

The Weekly Standard also points to another government contract for Biden’s London hotel stay in early February.The contract, to the Hyatt Regency London, totaled $459,339. An associated document with that contract said it was for 136 rooms for 893 room nights.

But none of this makes sense. For 893 room nights, that would mean that the 136 rooms would be reserved for at least six nights each — longer than Biden’s entire five-day European visit.

So let’s say that Biden also needed 136 rooms for his one-night stay in Paris. Even if every single room rang up the $3,900 nightly cost of the royal suite, the total still wouldn’t meet the reported $585,000 contract cost.


Biden spent five days in Europe beginning February 1. During the trip, he met with political leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francosie  Hollade, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and visited wounded U.S. Veterans at a German hospital.

See photos of the hotel, and from Biden’s European trip, below.

Photos: AP/Daily Mail

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