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The Wu-Tang Clan stays winning, again and again. RZA is currently on the “Iron Fists” Tour, which serves to promote the release of his directorial debut, The Man With The Iron Fists, starting Lucy Liu and Russell Crowe. In an interview with Indie Wire, the Abbot revealed that he is also working on not one but two biopics about his cousin and fellow WTC member, the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

“There’s two things going on with the ODB situation,” The RZA explained in an exclusive interview with The Playlist this week. “There’s ‘Dirty White Boy,’ [starring Micheal Kenneth Williams] which is about the manager of ODB, and his last two years. And there’s another one with a working title called, ‘Dirt: One Word Could Change The World,’ that his family is more involved with. His mother is involved with ‘Dirty White Boy.’ I’m involved with both, anything about his life, I want to help out with any capacity. His mother told me I should come in and help.”

RZA’s comments confirms details that Williams, who was adamant about their being no buffoonery in the film, has shared. Bobby Digital is an ideal contributor to the other film, Dirt: One Word Could Change The World, since he has first hand knowledge of the subject matter.

“As far as ‘Dirt,’ that actually starts back when we was young,” RZA reflected. “Me and [ODB] ran through this city, man, cutting school, stealin’ pretzels from the hot dog stand, being vagabonds, sleeping on the trains, drinking ’40s on the back of the A Train, rapping, getting chased by the police. It’s a coming of age story that me and him and a few of our cousins went through, Then it goes on into finally becoming Wu-Tang, going through that hell. And then it takes on his side of it, not my side.” Suggesting the film will have a decidedly darker tone in narrowing the focus on ODB, The RZA waxes philosophically, “Seems like my trajectory was… a’ight, directing a movie after starting out as a high school drop-out trying to survive.”

Finally, RZA still has plans to remake The Last Dragon. Reginald Hudlin, who recently partnered with RZA to create comic book themed films has been brought on board and Sam Jackson is still set to star as “Sho-Nuff” aka The Shogun of Harlem.

The Man With The Iron Fists is now due in theaters November 2nd.


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