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No charges were pressed against Katt Williams after he was arrested in Newnan, Georgia Friday.

As previously reported Katt was taken into police custody after an incident at an area Walmart. Exact details are sketchy but an unknown caller reportedly alerted police that Williams and several other individuals threatened them with a shotgun.

Now according to police, while they did handcuff Katt and put him in a squad car, he was never arrested.

Newnan County police told that the comedian was never charged with a crime and released at the scene. There is still no word on whether there was indeed a shotgun on the scene. Police have refused to reveal those details.

What has been revealed however is that the comedian was arrested earlier this week. Katt Williams was indeed arrested Wednesday, December 2 due to an issue with his bond. The bond in question stems from his arrest for robbery in November.

Damn Katt. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.