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This is the type of news that should get as many looks and clicks as any “who stole whose chain” or “who’s beefing on Twitter today” story. 2 Chainz is an active participant in the Respect My Vote campaign and in the video below he explains that ex-felons indeed can vote as long as they take care of certain paperwork. 

The “Riot” rapper recalled being in a mall around 2008 and being asked to register to vote but thinking he couldn’t due to some past indiscretions. “I just felt like it was too late. Like I made a mistake when I was young, and I just couldn’t fix it,” says 2 Chainz. “Well after talking to her and just doing my research, I realized [that] you can vote again once your a felon.”

2 Chainz has been involved with Respect My Vote for years but feels with his recent resurgence, it only makes sense that he utilize his influence. “I feel like when I talk sometimes people listen, and this is something I want people to to listen to,” says 2 Chainz.

Watch the video, where 2 Necklaces also endorses Barack Obama, below. On November 6th, vote.


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