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Rhymes skill have nothing to do with skin color. Never have.

However, the plight of the white rapper is a tricky one. For a myriad of reasons (curiosity, navel gazing critics, hypebeasting), any Caucasian rapper with the slightest bit of talent (or a great gimmick) will get gassed by the media as a “can’t miss rap star.” It’s as an inevitable as the prerequisite Eminem comparisons. However, too many times all that hype was for naught since the odds are are high that said artists will fall off.

The rappers listed here fall into that aforementioned category. Vanilla Ice didn’t make the cut because anyone worth their rap fan credibility knew it was only a matter of time before he was outta here. Action Bronson gets his fair share of critical nut hugging, but regardless of his mountain man looks, dude can spit. This list focuses on melanin deficient rappers that at one point way too many people thought were going to be “next,” but ended up either completely out the game or are barely hanging on by a struggle rap thread.

Check out who made The Great White Hype: 10 White Rappers Who Fell Off (Most Were Barely On) by clicking below.


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