Jack Harlow and Lil Dicky don't appear to have the same aims musically but it's no denying that they're high-profile white rappers, which has prompted Twitter to debate about their careers for some odd reason.


As the person swiftly realized, Wall and Sparxxx earned their place in the culture the right way and Twitter fans gathered to defend the pair.


As expected, Twitter schooled this grossly uninformed person by mentioning a host of MCs that included the likes of Paul Wall, Action Bronson, and more.

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Lil B went on a Twitter tirade last Friday (Oct. 6) and took shots at Post Malone's music, but claims it was all part of a joke in an apology.

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White rappers have evolved tremendously since the days Snow sold us all reggae huff in a Diet Coke can. Yelawolf’s new album, Love Story, is already garnering strong reviews for the Alabama native’s incorporation of other genres and still able to call it Hip-Hop.


Rhymes skill have nothing to do with skin color. Never have. However, the plight of the white rapper is a tricky one. For a myriad of reasons (curiosity, navel gazing critics, hypebeasting), any Caucasian rapper with the slightest bit of talent (or a great gimmick) will get gassed by the media as a “can’t miss […]

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A visit to a local McDonald’s ended in embarrassment and legal action for four Salt Lake City teens.

“The People’s Champ” Paul Wall stays on his grind and besides hitting fans up with those platinum grill spitting lyrics, Paul has also launched a clothing line called Expensive Taste. Supplying some of flyest T-shirts for the winter and summer as well as some head wear including New Era sponsored fitted caps, Paul Wall spoke […]