“The People’s Champ” Paul Wall stays on his grind and besides hitting fans up with those platinum grill spitting lyrics, Paul has also launched a clothing line called Expensive Taste. Supplying some of flyest T-shirts for the winter and summer as well as some head wear including New Era sponsored fitted caps, Paul Wall spoke to Hip-Hop Wired about staying on his grind and not relying on one hustle.

“That’s just the way I was raised man to have a hustle for every season. It’s like when it’s cold you put a coat on and when it’s hot you go to the beach and put your swimsuit on. You change your clothes up for every season and you can change your hustle up for the seasons too. Sometimes the rapping might be what’s going on but these days we’re putting out albums every 2-3 years so my last album was two years ago. That means my next album might not be until another two years so I got to have a lot of hustles in between. But everything I’m involved with is something I love.”

Paul Wall also still has his Grillz company where they make customized platinum and gold teeth. He added,

“I’m real passionate about the Grillz and the jewelry and I’ve been doing this for a long time. I love the jewelry so it’s fun for me to do that. But I always look at it like it’s a job and I take it very seriously. But it’s no stress and pressure involved like it’s a job and the same goes with my clothing line. The same thing applies for the clothes. I love what I do and I apply all my energy and passion into all my ventures.”</blockquote>

Practicing what he preaches, Paul Wall also makes a point to note that his company does not abhor to the practices used to obtain “Blood Diamonds.” They also don’t support the illicit trade and refuse to use diamonds that have been traded illegally, as well as any diamonds that were discovered by enslaved and harshly mistreated miners. “The People’s Champ” made a point to share this after his visit a few years ago to Sierra Leone where a lot of the “Blood Diamonds” come from.

Paul Wall latest album Fast Life is also in stores now too. For more information on Paul’s Grillz and clothing, log on to and

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