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These days the Hip Hop gate has long since been knocked down and security is nowhere to be found as new acts flood through the industry on a daily basis.

It feels as though it has become entirely too easy to get into the game, but the problem that most don’t realize the fact that the window of opportunity is but an instant and that one-shot deal can either make or break the rest of an artist’s career.

Nicki Minaj is one of the new artists the sprung onto the scene.  Initially, the female rapper came off as an update version of Lil Kim with over the top sex appeal, but quickly ditched the persona to ensure that she was not a carbon copy and establish her own identity.

As a female rapper, however, credibility is hard to come by in waters infested with male sharks, especially when there are no other rappers of her gender that are prominent right now in music.

Now aligned with Lil Wayne, Drake and the rest of Young Money, Minaj continues to gear up for her window of opportunity hoping that she can clear the hole and find her place in Hip Hop.

After wrapping up a show at Jingle Jam in Connecticut alongside other acts such as Keri Hilson and Trey Songz, Minaj spoke with about dealing with the pressures of a debut and trying to please the expectations of her fans.

“I’m a perfectionist and I want this buzz to really meet/ surpass everyone’s expectation of the people that support me.  You got so many people that don’t support you, but to the one’s that do, they look at me and they see big things and I don’t wanna disappoint them.  To say I don’t have pressure, I’d be lying.  I do.  I feel it all the time. I feel like I have to make this a masterpiece.”

Aware of the obvious, the rapper also knows that he has a lot of work to put in before the male crowd will start taking her more serious and perceiving her as a big butt in a smile that can rap.  Whatever the male perception may be, she fortunately has a legion of Barbies on her side to give support

“I feel like the girls embrace me for being Nicki and all of the facets of my personality they love.  Sometimes I do feel like the boys see me in a one-dimensional kind of way, but I feel like its gonnna come with time.  I’m gonna prove myself just like I did with the BET Cypher, I’m gonna continue to do that so that I do get the respect from the boys one day.” 

Always riding for fellow females in the game, Nicki appeared in Atlanta this weekend with Trina when they came out to Club Miami.  Nothing like a woman’s touch.