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It’s been a couple of years since Roc Marciano released his critically acclaimed debut, Marberg. Since then he’s been dropping a steady trickle of tunes, which will culminate with the release of Reloaded on November 13th. Fans are in for a bonus since the L.I. rapper has revealed that he already has a total of five albums set to release over the next year’s time.

“Man, I got about four albums done. Right now, yeah,” Marci told Hip-Hop Wired (keep reading, he’ll up that number to five). “Marci Beaucoup is pretty much in the wrapping process. Most of the projects that I got done are probably like six rhymes away from being completed, but most of the body of work is done. About four albums done and in the can. I’m not going to miss no more quarters. After Marcberg: Reloaded comes out, that’s gonna to set off the wave and I’ma just keep coming every quarter.”

Marci Beaucoup is an album that will feature Marci’s production along with guest MCs on every track. Add Marci’s third solo album, an album with Brownsville rapper Ka under the moniker Metal Clergy called Piece Be With You (“We about 80% done with that project.”), and an album with the Alchemist; and that brings the total to four. There was one project that the “76” rapper almost forgot.

“I got them too, Arch Druids’ album is almost done, too,” said Marcberg when asked about “Poltergeist,” which is produced by the UK beatsmiths. “I got an album with them, Scorched Earth Policy. I’m trippin’, I have so many the can that I be forgetting.”

Five more Roc Marciano albums before the end of 2013? All praise due to the Hip-Hop hard body rap gods.

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