Roc Marciano had one of his best years ever. But before 2012 comes to a close, the Long Island rapper drops one more loose cut called “Bally Belts.”

Roc Marciano drops a new video for “76” from his new album, Reloaded. Like the throwback vibe of the track, the video seen here was shot on 8mm film. 

Roc Marciano’s Reloaded is out now, and if you didn’t at least give it a listen your are suffering from narcolepsy. The LI rapper drops a video for “Deeper” off of his sophomore project. 

After an album’s worth of loose singles, bonus cuts and even some songs that made the final tracklist, Roc Marciano’s sophomore album, Reloaded, will be in stores tomorrow. But if you can’t wait until then, the full album stream is available here.

Roc Marciano’s new album, Reloaded, is finally out tomorrow, but here are a couple of more cuts to hold you over. “Stop Me” is produced by Just Blaze while “Thread Count” has a beat courtesy of Q-Tip.

Yet another Roc Marciano record, but this one will actually be on his forthcoming Reloaded album. The song is called “Nine Spray” and it features Brownsville rappers Ka, one of his select collaborators. 

This actually appeared over the weekend, but better late than never. Roc Marciano drops yet another loosie cut called “Her Vice,” featuring guest verse (a rare occurrence in the L.I. rapper’s catalog). from Knowledge Pirate.

Roc Marciano over a De La Soul sample? Yep, it sounds as good as it does on paper (or, on screen). On “Hey Love,” the Long Island tough rhymes slinger goes to work over the instrumental to the same titled De La tune from their De La Soul Is Dead album.

Roc Marciano drops another new, but not really new, song from the catalog. Here we have “Bozak,” which was originally intended to appear on 2010’s critically acclaimed Marcberg album.

It’s been a couple of years since Roc Marciano released his critically acclaimed debut, Marberg. Since then he’s been dropping a steady trickle of tunes, which will culminate with the release of Reloaded on November 13th. Fans are in for a bonus since the L.I. rapper has revealed that he already has a total of […]

With all the loose tracks that Roc Marciano dropped recently (see: “76,” “I Shot The King” or “Rocky II”) that won’t even be on his upcoming Reloaded album, he could have easily released a proper EP for a sale. It would have been a great one at that. The ever generous L.I. rhyme technician shares another spare […]

Roc Marciano’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Reloaded, drops on November 13th and his devoted fans can’t wait to get their hands on the project. The Long Island rapper is devoted to maintaining the sonic aesthetic of his debut, the critically acclaimed Marcberg, and says, “Only thing I did different this time around, I probably made […]