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Roc Marciano’s highly anticipated sophomore album, Reloaded, drops on November 13th and his devoted fans can’t wait to get their hands on the project. The Long Island rapper is devoted to maintaining the sonic aesthetic of his debut, the critically acclaimed Marcberg, and says, “Only thing I did different this time around, I probably made more beats.”

The majority of the album’s production was handled by Marci himself, with Brownsville rapper Ka and Knowledge The Pirate being the sole guest MC. Trust, listeners will like it that way. “I just want them to enjoy the music. It’s something to ride to. Just ride to it like I rode to classics,” says Marci, who cites fellow L.I. MCs Rakim, EPMD and De La Soul as influences as well as Wu-Tang Clan, Nas and Jay-Z, as his influences. “So, it’s nothing more to it. I just want them to be able to ride to it and enjoy it and just be able to appreciate it.”

While he owns the lion’s share of Reloaded’s production, he did get contributions from the Alchemist and Q-Tip. The latter hooked up a track called “Thread Count” that’s one of the album’s standouts.  “It’s like working with a friend,” says Marci of collaborating with the Abstract. “We go over to the crib, chill out. He drinks natural juices all day so we just drinking carrots and oranges and he’s playing beats and stuff like that. I pick something, go in on it or even he’ll e-mail me some Isht, play me something over the phone, I’ll be like, ‘E-mail that.’ I just go in on it, send it to him and he’ll let me know what he thinks about it. It’s organic.”

Marci revealed that he’s knocked out about four songs with Q-Tip that will be let loose at a later date. Check out a portion of Hip-Hop Wired’s interview with Roc Marciano below.

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