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Wyclef Jean visited Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and talked about his “mankini” biker photo, exposing Lauryn Hill in his new book and even discussed the controversy surrounding his Yéle Haiti foundation.

The “We Trying To Stay Alive” rapper/singer took the slander for his photo in stride and spoke candidly about his book, saying that all the fuss is being made over what is only a small portion of the “immigrant story” he says it is.  “If you read my book in it’s entirety, as a man I never paint a picture that I’m ever perfect,” said Wyclef. “I always show you a picture of saying if i make a mistake…I’ve made a mistake, I’m going to go through it and I’m going to handle it.”

Clef also reiterated that he doesn’t think Hill is insane. “First of all, I don’t think Lauryn’s crazy,” he said. “I clearly said that, said Wyclef. “If y’all follow historically what I said. i just felt personally that there was a situation where I felt she was bi-polar.”

As for Yéle, Clef pointed to a possible conspiracy theory. “If Yéle raised $16M at the time and the Red Cross raised $250M, and you have over billions of dollars that goes in aid, why every couple of months the only foundation they keep coming back to is Yéle?.” asked Clef, who was adamant that it was not a “celebrity charity” but that he actually put in grassroots work in the Haiti.

Check the rest of the interview where Clef talks about his new label, artists (big up Chris Cab) and other future endeavors, like the Refugee Lounge, below.


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Photo: Power 105.1