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Stanley Quencher Cup

Source: Stanley / Stanley

Look out Nike, there’s a new hot commodity out on the reselling market and it isn’t coming from a competitor in the sports attire arena.

Over the past week and change, Stanley Cups (not to be confused with the NHL Stanley Cup) have become the hottest accessory out on the streets (or the burbs depending on how you view things) and people are paying big bucks on the secondary market to own one. Things are getting so crazy that according TMZ a limited edition Stanley Quencher Starbucks cup had people going above and beyond the call of duty to get their hands on one to the point that breaking the law became an option for some.

TMZ reports:

It’s pretty wild, and a sign of the times … the pink cups retail for $49.95 at Starbucks branches inside Targets, and folks who’ve been able to snag them are turning around, and hawking them online for hundreds of dollars.

The resellers are working hard for that big payday, though … the only way to get the cups seems to be camping outside Target for hours, or fighting through massive crowds in scenes straight out of Black Friday.

Other people are going to even greater lengths to try and cash in — like the guy who hopped a counter and tried, unsuccessfully, to steal a whole box of the pink goodies.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: it isn’t that serious!

How the hype built to this point behind some sipping cups is beyond us, but it is now a thing in 2024 as the $50 cups are going for up to $300 online. All that so people can take to Instagram and TikTok to show off how they’re drinking their beverages from a popular cup.

How long before Nike collaborates with Stanley Cup for a limited edition sneaker? All hell would break loose for those.

What do y’all think about the hype behind these Stanley Cups? Sound off in the comments section below.