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You either like Danny Brown or you don’t. “Wit’ It” caters to his baser, more misogynistic desires and he delivers them in a simpler form, but the Detroit rapper still manages to throw in slick wordplay. The video maintains the song’s vibe of wanton debauchery with blinged out graphics that are clearly a homage to OG No Limit, and Cash Money, album covers as well as GIFs.

Danny Brown goes about his business frolicking with ratchet looking strippers and dropping lines like, “B-tch don’t even tempt me, I will take you to my office make you give me that Lewinsky.” We’re sure it would be consensual, though. We hope.

The  Bijoux Altamirano directed video is on NSFW status so be wary when you hit that play button. Watch the video for “Wit’ It” below.


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