Bangin Candy: Joe Budden's Latest Main Squeeze Kaylin Garcia [PHOTOS]

Bangin Candy

kaylin5 No matter what you think of his rap career or his exploits on social media, ...

No matter what you think of his rap career or his exploits on social media, Joe Budden stays with a fly chick (see: Tahiry, who just dropped a single (for real), Esther Baxter, etc.) on his arm. The New Jersey rapper's current girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia, is no different. 

We're not sure what Garcia does besides appear in a lot of pictures with Budden. According to our investigations (her Facebook page) she's a dancer/choreographer and a Zumba instructor, or something like that. What we know for sure is that the currently Mohawked Garcia is official eye candy. Whether in a skimpy bikini, fully clothed or smoking from a hookah, the 21 year-old Florida native manages to look like a certified snack box.

Lucky for us, Garcia apparently has no problem posing for the cameras. Here are some of her tastier pics for your viewing pleasure.


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Photos: Instagram, Twitter

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  • Team nymphis

    This chick is one step below basic

    • Rajo1

      U either gay or a hatin *****s bytch.

      • Team nymphis

        If she's a banger to you... that tells me a lot about your options. It's ok tho.

  • Maylani

    Loooove her HAIR!

  • pashunfruit

    anyone that has anything negative to say about her physically is just insecure....she's bad period. Don't feel hurt cause no one refers to you as bad....this chick is a dime for sure

    • Your Mom

      oh shut up, stop hanging off ***** that would never give you any play any way.. calm down fool.

      • pashunfruit

        I'm hanging off her ***** because I'm acknowledging that she's attractive w/ a great body.....WOW

  • BlackYetNeverIncarcerated

    She has that "cheap, broke stripper" aura about her...just like her predecessors.

  • Benny Blaze

    free beats holla at Benny Blaze at we certified !!!!

  • bras4real

    sad they label this woman as ´banging candy´ ghetto tackiness to the fullest it s like love and hip hop atlanta female mingers glammed up with designer ware thinking there it

  • shug

    she looks older than 21

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Bangin Candy

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