Powell, an Instagram model based in Miami, allegedly got into it with Tory Lanez, who also lives in the same Miami building. She claims that Garcia handed out the beating and appears to be lawyered up.


Kaylin Garcia's curves are just as dangerous as her hands and feet.


Tory Lanez had a front-row seat to some drama, and the authorities have questions. Reportedly, the rapper and crooner's girlfriend "friend," who happens to be rapper Joe Budden's ex, put hands on a woman who has a history of issues with the artist.

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Joe Budden is a man who was once in love with two women until one finally jumped ship. The woman who left him was Tahiry Jose, the woman who stayed is Kaylin Garcia.

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Joe Budden has been putting his personal life out there for the public to see for years, before it became trendy. So it should come as no surprise that the New Jersey rapper will be joining season 6 of VH1’s Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn. 

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It’s Friday, and what better way to end the week than with another bodacious rump shake – this time, from former Love & Hip-Hop New York cast member, Kaylin Garcia.


Sage The Gemini seemingly went into the weekend downtrodden and brokenhearted after a serious of cryptic tweets suggested that his runaway love Kaylin Garcia had cheated on him.

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It’s spring 2014, heartbreak is in the air and Chris Brown’s “Loyal” is on the airwaves. Sage the Gemini is the next contestant in Cupid’s spiteful game and he’s letting the world know how lovelorn he is. The “Gas Pedal” rapper took to his Twitter account to detail the lumps in his throat after model/vixen […]

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Whether you consider Joe Budden simply an MC with no filter on social media or, now, a genuine reality TV star, they= guy stays bagging hot chicks. Whether it’s his ex, Tahiry Jose, or his current girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia (both not so coincidentally his cast mates on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York), the […]

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Last night at Kiss-N-Fly in New York City, the cast of Love & Hip-Hop 3 made their debut and unveiled their premiere episode.


Tahiry is beefing with Joe Budden something serious. The model blasted Budden for spitting about her on his latest mixtape A Loose Quarter.

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No matter what you think of his rap career or his exploits on social media, Joe Budden stays with a fly chick (see: Tahiry, who just dropped a single (for real), Esther Baxter, etc.) on his arm. The New Jersey rapper’s current girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia, is no different.