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Tory Lanez In Concert - New York, NY

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Tory Lanez had a front-row seat to some drama, and the authorities have questions. Reportedly, the rapper and crooner’s girlfriend “friend,” who happens to be rapper Joe Budden’s ex, put hands on a woman who has a history of issues with the artist.

According to TMZ, the woman on Team Tory was a Kaylin Garcia. You just might remember her as being romantically involved with Budden a number of years ago. There was also the time she apparently she alleged made Sage The Gemini cry after she cheated on him, which he denies, but that’s neither here nor there.  

As for what happened, Tory got into argument with Celina Powell outside his Miami condo (they seem to be neighbors). The victim, Powell claims Tory confronted her and tried to take her phone. This is when she claims that as she walked away, and Garcia wrapped her arm around her shoulder and neck and when she wasn’t looking, hurling her to the ground.