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It’s spring 2014, heartbreak is in the air and Chris Brown’s “Loyal” is on the airwaves. Sage the Gemini is the next contestant in Cupid’s spiteful game and he’s letting the world know how lovelorn he is. The “Gas Pedal” rapper took to his Twitter account to detail the lumps in his throat after model/vixen Kaylin Garcia got some action on the side.

“You can have all the money in the world that don’t make these ladies faithful. I’m single,” he wailed in the first tweet. The falling tears must have been affecting his smartphone’s keypad because his next response was booming with misspelled struggle. “Frustration is the worste disease. It sometimes can kill you……………………,” he continued, falling over on the period button in agony.

Relationships ending abruptly are never easy to prepare for but this particular struggle has been dipped in bronze. Sage wasted most of his NYC press run at various outlets professing his love for her instead of promoting his debut album.

Garcia is the former maneater girlfriend of Joe Budden and they too parted on less than amicable terms. She was part of the main cast for Love & Hip-Hop New York season 3 but has been involving herself in seedy business ventures as of late. As far as her response to today’s madness, she’s posting pics of hookahs without a care in the world. Cold game.

Chin up, Sage. You’re a rapper with two platinum hits. Allow this experience to make your music that much more ignorant. You owe it to yourself.

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Photo: Instagram/Sage The Gemini, Twitter/Kaylin Garcia

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