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Sage The Gemini seemingly went into the weekend downtrodden and brokenhearted after a serious of cryptic tweets suggested that his runaway love Kaylin Garcia had cheated on him.

After getting wind of what kind of responses the people were filling his Twitter mentions with, the “Red Nose” rapper took it upon himself to explain the nature of his tweets. Sort of.

“No [she] didn’t cheat Bruh dnt start that bull shit my n***a,” he sharply replied to DJ Vlad, who started off his weekend with healthy dose of slander courtesy of Jay Electronica.

The two-sided personality then proceeded to live out his rapper moniker and spread misspelled wisdom to all the girls on social media.

Meanwhile Garcia has been tweeting and posting to Instagram like the topic wasn’t trending just days ago. Sage also admitted to calling her his girlfriend before they had actually met in person.

Hit the gallery to see Sage’s lament in full. Is he trolling us all or trying to secretly get his cyber baby back? Let us know your take on this struggle in the comments.

Photo: Sage The Gemini/Twitter/Instagram

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