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Some people deserve a nice comfortable seat in hell. Case in point, after allegedly forcing himself upon a 21-year-old actress in Hudson River Park in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood, Jonathan Stewart claims that he was zooted on Four Loko and vodka, and was unaware of what he had done. For real.

Stewart is a registered level III s-x offender (he served five years in prison for robbing and s-xually abusing a relative) and was arrested back on September 22nd after the victim got away and pointed him out as her attacker.

Reports the New York Post:

“Why are you arresting me?” Stewart griped. “I did nothing wrong. I’m homeless. I’m schizophrenic. I drank four or five Four Lokos,” he said, referring to a canned alcohol-caffeine drink.

“Are you taking me to a shelter?”

Once inside the First Precinct, Stewart told cops he’d been partying with friends at a club on 14th Street and at Baruch Houses — and had consumed “five Four Lokos, Grey Goose Vodka, smoked marijuana and K2.”

Note: Four Loko has not contained caffeine since 2010. Nevertheless, Stewart, who is schizophrenic, later switched up his story, telling his parole officer, “So you know they reduced it to forcible touching. I think they’re going to make it a violation because the doctor said the DNA came back negative.”

He also said, “I don’t even know what I was thinking but at no point did I have intercourse with her.”

Stewart has been charged with predatory s-xual assault, r@pe, sodomy and s-x abuse. Of course, he pleaded not guilty in a Manhattan Supreme Court today.

The details of the case are sickening. Stewart, who is homeless, is accused of r@ping his victim twice. Prosecutors say she broke free and ran away, but Stewart chased her down and assaulted her again.

If convicted, Stewart faces 25 years to life in prison.


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