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Tony Starks of the Wu-Tang Clan, not to be confused with Tony Stark, the billionaire playboy philanthropist, who is also Iron Man (and fictional), reviewed the new Iron Man 3 movie trailer and recounted meeting Robert Downey Jr. Ghostface Killah shared not only his thoughts on the upcoming film but his ire for not being included on its soundtrack and why he took on the “Tony Starks” persona.

“It looked live though,” Ghost Deini told MTV News of the film’s trailer. “They blew his house up right? That was his crib? It looks live though, it looks like it’s gonna be some sh–.”

Then the “Black Jesus” rapper mentioned that he should have at least got a call about contributing a tune to the film’s soundtrack, and recalled meeting the onscreen Iron Man. “But see, them ni–as was supposed to be calling the kid and doing like a song or two, at least,” said Ghost. “Cause when I met Tony, I mean [Robert Downey Jr., he said, ‘Yo, I know you the real Tony Starks.’ I ain’t even think he know me. I was like, ‘Oh sh-t.’ I had to give him dap, give him a hug based on that sh-t.’

Iron Man 3 is in theater April 26, 2013 but you can check out photos from the film here. Watch the rest of the interview with MTV News below.


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Photo: MTV News