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Cardi B and Offset at his Father Of 4 Album Release

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

Over the past few years, swatting has become the method of choice for MAGA cult members who look to criminally harass anyone who criticizes or in any way opposes their past, present and future king, Donald Trump.

More recent victims include Judge Tanya Chutken and Special Counsel Jack Smith, who are both involved in court cases against the Insurrectionist-In-Chief, but apparently Cardi B and Offset too were swatted last summer after someone called authorities and falsely reported an incident at their property. According to TMZ, a hater called police claiming that shots had been fired at the home that then happily wed Cardi B and Offset shared in Georgia.

Like with any other swatting incident, police took the matter seriously and rolled up to the rappers’ home ready for any kind of standoff or shootout that might’ve unfolded on the property.

Per TMZ:

One officer notes in the police report that a caller claimed someone fired a shot at a “famous rapper’s house” and even suggested Cardi herself may have been hit with a bullet … so cops came with lights and sirens, and with their firearms drawn.

Fortunately … cops say the call turned out to be BS — something officers discovered when they arrived at the property and talked to Offset’s uncle, Derrick Cephus, who said he was house-sitting. Yep, it sounds like Cardi and Offset weren’t even home for this swatting attempt …. just a confused relative!

After some back-and-forth, said relative calls up an audibly upset Offset, who was annoyed that such a situation had unfolded. Luckily, no one was hurt during the encounter.

As to why anyone would decide to swat Cardi B and Offset is anyone’s guess. Though she has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump in the past, she hasn’t touched on Cheeto Jesus in quite some time. We guess people out there just had nothing better to do than dwell on some old sh*t.

What do y’all think about the situation? Check out bodycam video of the incident below and let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comments section.