Cardi B continues to be an open book. In a new interview she discusses a rough patch in her marriage to Offset. 

Offset shared a somewhat veiled tweet that many fans and supporters believe was in reference to how he's dealing with Takeoff's death.


Offset continues pays homage to Takeoff on Instagram a week after posting a tribute to his former Migos brother.


Offset pays tribute to Offset publicly breaking his silence. He wrote "I know someone with a soul like yours is in heaven now."

Takeoff, the nephew of Quavo and cousin of Offset of the Migos, was laid to rest last Friday (Nov. 11). Quavo and Offset delivered remarks.

After months of speculating whether Migos were officially finished or if the group was trolling; fans finally received the reason why Offset has been noticeably absent on all recent Migos appearances when TMZ dropped the news that Set was suing his label and CEO, accusing Quality Control Records of ignoring a deal they made back in January 2021.


Fans of the hit rap group Migos went wild with speculation that the group might break up after a Twitter user discovered that Offset unfollowed group members Quavo and Takeoff on social media after the two announced that they were releasing new music.

When will the world accept that Cardi B is really not for play. She addressed a situation where a DJ tried to play with her name at a New York City nightclub.


Real talk, we're not sure which one we like more between Offset and Drake's Virgil tattoos. Both were well done but Offset's seems to have more detail and features on it then Drizzys.

According to her announcement, Bardi and her famous family will be making an appearance on Nickelodeon's 'Baby Shark: Big Show' series. Cardi B will make an appearance as the animated character “Sharki B,

Hip-Hop’s favorite Trap couple are suckers for good service. Cardi B and Offset gave the staff at the Brooklyn Chop House a generous tip during a recent sit down dinner.