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Jemele Hill has emerged as one of the more outspoken sports journalists and public figures of her era, using her massive platform to express thoughts that are often met with pushback. Hill once more sounded off in her unique way, criticizing Offset for sitting down with Bobbi Althoff for an interview.

Via X, formerly known as Twitter, Jemele Hill fired a shot at Offset for appearing on an upcoming episode of The Really Good Podcast with Bobbi Althoff. Some might remember the podcast for a viral interview with Drake as he and Althoff have a conversation in bed while the Canadian superstar sips wine.

I don’t find these types of interviews particularly enjoyable or interesting,” began Hill’s critique on X. “Instead it just sadly points out how real hip hop journalism has been practically erased. Some of the media teams behind these artists aren’t interested in them sitting down with credible people who know how to tell stories and do quality interviews. Then they wonder why an artist’s real story goes untold, neglected or that artist is misunderstood.”

In a new viral clip, Offset is seen matching wits with the typically deadpan and sarcastic Althoff and not letting her humor get the best of him. Further, Althoff’s attempt to embarrass her guest backfires as the Migos star deftly dodges and parries with his own shots.

Hill’s missive is not unlike one made by veteran Hip-Hop journalist Elliott Wilson, who made similar comments about Drake sitting down with Althoff in lieu of Black media outlets that actually know and care about his story.

Wilson previously interviewed the OVO honcho on his show, Rap Radar. Wilson also clarified that he wasn’t miffed Drake wouldn’t sit down for a second time but wondered aloud why a star of Drake’s magnitude would, in his words, “speak to us again” in a reference to Black music media.

Hill just wrapped season four of her original Spotify podcast Jemele Hill Is Unbothered this past July.

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