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Kenneth Petty

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It looks like the Nicki Minaj and Cardi B beef just went up another notch as the two women’s husbands are now squabbling on social media.

On Saturday night (Sept. 16), videos of Nicki’s hubby, Kenneth Petty, hit social media in which he and some of his goons were “outside” in New York City looking for Offset after the two got into a weird back-and-forth via Instagram DMs. It seems like Offset rubbed Petty the wrong way by sliding into one of Petty’s homie’s DMs and basically welcomed whatever smoke Petty and company had to offer by calling them “p***y” and saying they “don’t got money for war.”

Apparently, someone in Petty’s crew took to IG and threatened to slap up anybody at the VMAs if they dared to sit in their row of seats, and Offset had an opinion about it for whatever reason.

Feeling disrespected, Petty rounded up some of his peoples and took to the streets in search of Offset and posted a video of themselves calling him out as they stalked a location where Offset was supposedly laying up at. Talking about the situation and calling Offset out, the crew seemed like they were ready for whatever, but luckily, for everyone, nothing actually went down.

We’re not sure where they got their intel from but Offset wasn’t anywhere near that spot as the man was off on his grizzly living his best life. Responding to Petty and his crew’s video, Offset uploaded a video of himself laughing off the threats as he got off a private jet. “These ni**as is broke,” he said in the video.

Yeah, we’re not feeling how this situation is unfolding now. It’s one thing to have Cardi and Nicki throw shade and subliminals on records, but once their hubby’s begin to taunt each other on some street ish, that might turn into a tragic situation at some point. Cooler heads need to prevail for the sake of everyone involved.

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