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Damon Dash

Source: Courtesy of Damon Dash / Damon Dash

Dame Dash is looking for some leniency regarding his child support payments to Rachel Roy. He says he is struggling and can no longer afford to pay her the current amount.

TMZ is reporting that the Harlem, New York native is no longer claiming to be a Cake-A-Holic. This week he filed a formal request asking that his monthly agreement with former wife Rachel Roy be significantly lowered. The business mogul states that he has yet to recover from the pandemic and has been struggling from mid 2020. Dame Dash alleges many of his businesses have yet to take off causing him to only earn an alarmingly low $5,140 dollars for all of 2023. His previous child support agreement required him to pay her $5,000 dollars a month.

Rachel is not buying the his poor man’s story and says he is hiding his income. She says he still receives revenue from his piece of Roc-A-Fella Records which includes some of Kanye West’s and Jay-Z’s best work. Additionally, she says he has other ventures that generate him money which include a streaming service, a spirits company, a clothing brand and more.

During a segment from The CEO SHOW back in October he openly discussed his entrepreneurial struggles. “I’ve had to start [a] new company from scratch, without any money to start it with,” he said. “I had to do it [by] rubbing two sticks together. So I can’t pay out three or four hundred thousand a year in child support, ‘cause I ain’t making that. But I’m not ashamed of that because I have things to show for it, but it hasn’t profited yet. I’m like a proud broke, but it ain’t broke, because I have things to show for it.”

A judge has yet to rule on Dame Dash’s request for a lower child support payment agreement.