Witness To History Podcast: Twista, GLC & Andrew Barber Talk Chicago’s Hip-Hop Legacy

Twista x Witness To History

Source: Hip-Hop Wired /

While East Coast, West Coast and even Southern cities get plenty of attention when it comes to Hip-Hop, you can’t forget Chicago when discussing the beloved genre. So making sure we documented some official Chi-Town rap lore for the Witness To History podcast was essential.

Hip-Hop Wired presents Witness To History: 50 Year of Hip-Hop Greatness sat down with rap legend Twista, Fake Shore Drive founder Andrew Barber, and rapper (and OG Kanye West homie) GLC to talk all things Chicago Hip-Hop. The Morning Hustle’s Kyle Santillian got these game changers to delve deep into the pride they feel for their city and how they helped push its contributions forward.

Check out the podcast, in video form, above. Be sure to double back and catch up with the Kid Capri episode, too.