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Reggie “Combat Jack” Osse has a deep lineage in Hip-Hop that dates back long before the days of current, and namesake, radio show/podcast that has the Internets shouting praises. The New York native was actually once one of the industry’s top lawyers, and has an array of anecdotes to show for it. Al Lindstrom recently sat down with Combat to hear some of these stories, discuss his come up, talk about the origins of his name and The Combat Jack Show itself.

As per usual, Combat begins the segment by giving viewers the game. “In this industry, particularly in this industry you got to work hard. You got to work 100% to create the hype. You got to work 100% day in day out,” said Combat. “You got to work 200% to not believe your own hype, because the minute you believe your own hype it’s f**ked up. It’s done.”

Combat then details how the monotony of the game and the people lost in its allure caused him to momentarily bid Hip-Hop adieu. Viewers will immediately notice Combat’s passion for his post-lawyer endeavors, which includes a tenure as a blogger and his current position at PNC radio.

Fans can also hear the story behind his now famous Combat Jack moniker. That’s a litte too rich, and vulgar, to detail, so we’ll allow him to explain himself in the interview below. OG drops jewels throughout the footage too. Keep your earholes open.


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