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Once Saturday Night Live starts spoofing you, you’ve officially “made it.” Unfortunately for Katt Williams, being mimicked on the long-running sketch comedy program came for all the wrong reasons.

The comedian has made headlines for numerous arrests, and public outbursts, the most recent of which occurred Friday (Nov. 16). As previously reported, Williams showed up to his show in Oakland, Calif. but gave fans less than what they paid for. He told s few jokes, then threatened to attack and audience member, before cutting his set short.

Since SNL is short of black cast members, Jay Pharaoh was commissioned to play the role of Williams on last night’s episode. Of course Pharaoh looks absolutely nothing like the comedian, but his impression was spot on. Aside from the boring but obligatory “pimp” and “raggedy b-tch” lines, Pharaoh sounding exactly like Williams, earns him major points.

Check out the sketch below.


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