Kenan Thompson can now add hosting the Emmys to his long-growing list of career accomplishments.

The famed sports network is seeking to retain the talented Taylor, but rival NBC Sports has applied pressure and is working to secure her services across the network's popular brands and shows.


Charlie Robinson, best known as Mac on the NBC sitcom "Night Court", died on Monday after battling a form of cancer in Los Angeles, California.

One of the culture’s most beloved movies will continue to live on in the streaming era. NBC has picked up the television rights to The Best Man. 

Roberts, 48, played the character of D.L. Hawkins and said that his experience from appearing on the hit series left him frustrated.

The town hall airs the same time as Trump's rival, President Joe Biden, is hosting a town hall on ABC, thus prompting the hashtag.

Stacey Dash has been associated with the role of Dionne for the past 25 years since the film's 1995 debut.

In 2017, Chyna filed suit against the entire Kardashian clan claiming they interfered with her show with her ex-boyfriend, and is now saying NBCUniversal failed to alert her that Kris Jenner made accusations that she was beating Rob.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is always securing a bag. The mega action star announced that he will be teaming up with NBC for a new autobiographical sitcom that will give us a look at what his childhood into his teenage years was like.

Thanksgiving marks the season of giving and NBC gave film lovers something special this week. The network presented a mini-sequel to one of the most loved films in history.

The whirlwind behind the bizarre firing of Gabrielle Union from variety show Americas Got Talent has the actress gaining endless support after actresses Ellen Pompeo, Debra Messing, and Jameela Jamil all came to the defense of Gabby, dragging the network.