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Roger Alvin Henderson may not even know just how close he was to freedom, had just been able to control his bladder.

A police officer in south Florida pulled Henderson over Monday (Nov. 19) on a window tint violation, and was about to be let him go until he used the bathroom on the squad car.

After speaking to his mother (who was a passenger in the vehicle) and taking a closer look at the window tint, the deputy realized that Henderson was not in violation of the law. “Your son didn’t do anything, I apologize for stopping ya’ll and holding ya’ll up today,” the deputy said to Henderson’s mother.

Roughly a minute into his conversation with the mother, the deputy noticed Henderson peeing on the car. “Did you pee on my car?” the deputy asked. “You just pissed on my car!”

Henderson owned up to the deed, which was caught on tape thanks to the officer’s dashcam.

He alleges to have told the officer of his need to relieve himself, but apparently wasn’t heard.

The deputy arrested Henderson for indecent exposure,  and took him to the Alachua County Jail.