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Top Boy

Top Boy, one of the most thrilling crime dramas to emerge since the heights of The Wire, recently concluded its fifth and final season but more action might be on the way. Ronan Bennett, the creator of Top Boy, says he’s currently in talks with Netflix for a spinoff series featuring Jaq, one of the central characters of the show.

As spotted by Deadline, Ronan Bennett, 68, sat down with BBC’s Nihal Arthanayake and shared scant details about the possible spinoff featuring Jaq Lawrence, who is played by Jasmine Jobson. Bennett says that he’s in talks with the streamer and production company Cowboy and that Drake would return as an executive producer.

Bennett says that while he believes Netflix might be a bit upset for him mentioning the development, he can’t confirm if the show will see the light of day.

“You just never know if they’re going to get made,” Bennett said. “And in fact, most shows that are developed actually don’t get made. You can write the script and, for whatever reason, they don’t get made. So you end up looking like a bit of a fool for mentioning it. But I have hopes that this will work.

Starring Ashley Waters, Kano, and the aforementioned Jobson, Top Boy remains one of Netflix’s top British shows. The show initially aired on the British network, Channel 4, and was initially canceled after two seasons. Drake helped revive the show, spawning seasons 3 through 5.

Photo: Netflix