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Two would be rappers were so thirsty for a recording deal that they kidnapped and extorted a fledgling record producer for $50 grand. Seriously. 

Record executives get extorted all the time. But it’s a problem when said wannabe record exec is the son of a prominent Goldman Sachs broker and has no problem going straight to the cops.

The New York Daily News reports that on Thursday (November 29th) 27 year-old Jon Fontein, son of Goldman Sachs broker Andrew Fontein, initially agreed to pay 33 year-old Ryan Mixon and 28 year-old Andres Lozano a cool $50,000 to make a record. But, at the end of the meeting the three were having at Pera Soho in NYC, Fontein tried to back out of the deal.

However, sources say Mixon (who is from New Britain, Conn.) and Lozano (who is from Washington Heights) threatened to kill Fontein’s girlfriend, and his family, if he didn’t come through with the funds as allegedly promised. This is where the struggle increases exponentially.

The New York Times reports that one of the men brandished a gun and forced Fontein to take a cab ride with them up to the Apple Store on 5th Ave and 58th St., where he was prompted to buy $3,800 in products, including warranties.

The next day, Fontein went straight to the police. While Fontein met with detectives, one of the would be rappers sent a menacing text to Fontein about dropping off the money at Pera Soho.

When Mixon and Lozano arrived, the cops were waiting, posing as customers, and they were promptly arrested. The duo was booked on charges including kidnapping, robbery and extortion. Check out photos of Fontein and his extortionists in the gallery.

Photo: NY Daily News

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