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“I also recorded a CD to be released right before I come out called The Appeal of the State vs. Radric Davis.  I had to leave my fans with something because they’ve been supporting me through the tribulations and trials I’ve been going through in my life.”

Although down, Gucci Mane is never out of the game.  Fresh off the release of The State vs. Radric Davis, Gucci is already making his next moves once he steps outside of the prison walls.

Appropriately titled The Appeal, the next album from the rising rapper is set to be released once he is released from his current bid. 

The buzz must have fed his ego with two CDs already waiting for the world.

While behind the prison walls, La Flare was able to speak on Big Boy’s Neighborhood and give some more detail on the story behind his latest album. 

“I’m a very hard worker and I always try to outwork every artist in the industry.  With that being said, I recorded so much music and did so many collaborations.  I recorded two CDs before I even went to jail.  I already got an album that came out December 8, The State vs. Radric Davis and it’s doing exceptionally well and it details all that I’ve been going through with the legal system.”

With the beef officially dead between Gucci and Young Jeezy, the rapper elaborated on the need for the two to put their differences behind them and the fact that it was much bigger than them.  Both residing in Atlanta and having such a strong following, they had to play as role models to make sure their problems didn’t spill out to affect those that support them.

“Before the interview had came out, we had collaborated.  Before the interview came out, we had been talking and came to a mutual agreement to co-exist with each other.  The city ain’t but so big and both of us got so many people that run up under us that it’s kinda selfish to say that we traveling the world and making all this money and people in our crew are on the front lines.  I know with me personally, I didn’t want that on my hands so I did it for me as well my team.”

The two collaborated before for the track “So Icey”, and Gucci assured fans to look out for more with one already dropping recently.

“We already collaborated on two songs.  One is already out and one is debuting in a couple of weeks.”

Gucci Mane is taking his time away in stride and not looking at things as the end, but as a brief intermission before he can start the show up once again.