With his hard work on the verge of finally paying off and the career of Gucci Mane finally about to blow, the rapper was a victim to a major misstep, due to poor decisions, that landed him behind bars. On November 12, 2009, La Flare was sentenced to 12 months behind bars for violating probation, […]

IT’S GUCCI!!! Not even a cell could hold Gucci Mane as he continues to try and conquer the Hip-Hop world. Teaming up with DJ Holiday, La Flare is picking up where he left off with the release of The Burrprint 2, which is a follow up to his biggest mixtape of 2009. Looking to keep […]

“I also recorded a CD to be released right before I come out called The Appeal of the State vs. Radric Davis.  I had to leave my fans with something because they’ve been supporting me through the tribulations and trials I’ve been going through in my life.” Although down, Gucci Mane is never out of […]


  “Black Tee,” “Trap House,” “Go Head,” “Freaky Gurl,” “Icy,” and “Bricks” are but a mere sampling of what Radric Davis planned to feed the world.  All the aforementioned tracks are southern classics that still get burn in many clubs and nightspots nationwide, but for Gucci Mane LaFlare, such success was not nearly enough. The State […]

“I think there were a lot of misconceptions about me , but I can understand why it was like that because people didn’t know me, I wouldn’t let them in my world.” There was a certain point in time, believe it or not, when rapper Gucci Mane wasn’t in high demand as he was on […]

While Gucci Mane remains incarcerated in a Fulton County jail, plans to get his album on store shelves are still proceeding. As previously reported, Gucci’s The State V.S. Radric Davis album will be released in December despite his upcoming 1 year stint in jail for violating his probation and testing positive for cocaine and marijuana. […]

The State V.S. Radric Davis could not have been a better title for Gucci Mane’s debut album. His infamous run-ins with the law have reached a boiling point, and he’s currently in jail after being sentenced to 365 days behind bars. According to a rep for his label, Gucci was arrested Thursday