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Borrowing from Kanye West and Jay-Z’s track from their Watch The Throne project, The Black Entertainment Television (BET) network has released a new three-part documentary titled Murder To Excellence: Life & Hip Hop In Chicago. Given Chicago’s current struggles with gang violence and the rise of major label star Chief Keef, the film focuses on other up and coming acts who speak on their vision of the Windy City. 

In part 1, Rhymefest, L.E.P. Bogus Boys, King Louie, Sasha GoHard, Katie Got Bandz, and others speak about how their hometown has shaped their sound and worldview. In part 2, community leaders look at the city’s troubles through the lens of Hip-Hop and further discuss how to handle the growing issues plaguing the youth. Pertinent issues such as education and employment are also addressed.

Part 3, the focus turns to the young and talented artists of Chicago who want to help eliminate the soured image of their beloved Chi-City.

Past Yeezy collaborator Rhymefest is the first rapper profiled in the documentary, offering his view of things from a veteran’s perspective. “Today’s Chicago is kind of  like 1990s South, at least in the rap scene,” said Fest. “You’re seeing dudes wearing dreads, you’re seeing dudes sipping syrup, you’re seeing dudes [doing things] I remember (Atlanta’s) Lil’ Jon doing.”

Watch part 1 of Murder To Excellence: Life & Hip Hop In Chicago below. Check the next two pages for the following segments.

Photo: BET

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