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2012 is almost wrap, and it means plenty of Hip-Hop albums that were supposed to drop, damn sure didn’t. Thanks to the speed of the Internet and thus social media, rappers are able to easily share their late release dates on a whim. Unfortunately, that means plenty of times the schedule they laid out was nothing more than a pipe dream, despite the best of intentions.

For some artists, the announcement of any “solid” release date has become borderline comical. See: 50 Cent. For other artists, every year that passes makes that next album an urban legend. See: Dr. Dre or artists on Bad Boy Records, no shots. The first installment of the inaugural 2012 Hip-Hop Wired Struggle Awards takes a look at artists with albums that at one time or another were promised to be available for purchase by year’s end.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. Click below to see what artist earned the “Where Is Your Album?” award, aka “The Detox”; for obvious reasons.

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