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Action Bronson recently took a trip overseas for a few shows, and while out there, he say down for an interview with DJ Semtex. 

The rising star out of New York who had just released his new mixtape Rare Chandeliers, talks about the wild things that have happened to him since gaining his notoriety. “It’s just surprising how many, like, celebrities are fans of mine. Just one in particular, like f**kin’ Jonah Hill, he’s like one of the biggest movie stars there is,” said Bronson. “And I’m just chillin’ with him driving through Queens in my beamer, smokin’ f**kin weed talking about just regular s**t. It’s just surreal s**t. But at the end of the we are all f**king people so that s**t don’t matter.”

Although he went on to say that his debut album under Vice/Warner Bros will only feature Meyhem Lauren, he went on to mention some of the people that he would like to work with. “The person I really want to work with is RZA, I feel like I really need a RZA beat,” he began.”I feel like in general I need a (DJ) Premier beat, just for my life. You know? Just the holy grail of Hip-Hop type s**t. I’m talking to Rae right now, hopefully Rae and Ghost get on the project.”

Check out the full interview down below and make sure you have your Yen, Euros, Quidds and all of that.

Photo: YouTube