Action Bronson and New Balance collaborate on New Balance 990v6 “Baklava” collection, which consists of jackets, shirts and of course sneakers.

The Queens. N.Y. rapper, author, and TV host shed over 130 pounds since the pandemic struck.

While we continue to lose rappers by the week one MC is staying alive. On the low Action Bronson has lost a whole human in nine months.

Action Bronson enjoys one of the most supportive fan bases in the Hip-Hop game, but even his most ardent supporters might admit he’s got a vocal similarity to a certain Wu-Tang Clan member. During an interview, Ghostface Killah was mentioned which caused Bronson to threaten violence.

adidas continues to come for that number one spot and the creativity they’re displaying on their quest to the top of the mountain doesn’t cease to amaze us.

Action Bronson has become the latest rapper in a long line of rappers who are now upset with their label situation. A few days ago the burly Queens rapper took to his Twitter account to demand that his latest project see the light of day.

The latest episode of Complex‘s Sneaker Shopping was quite hilarious thanks to featured guest Action Bronson. The Queens rapper was candid about what he likes and doesn’t like in kicks, giving no f*cks if it may offend said brand in question. 

Action Bronson’s 2015 was rather quiet after he dropped Mr. Wonderful back in March, besides getting on the wrong side of Ghostface Killah and the Wu-Tang Clan in June. The Queens rapper took to Twitter to reveal he’ll be dropping a new project in early 2016. 

Action Bronson put himself in a can’t win situation, but his beard is safe. After Ghostface Killah verbally thrashed him today for what he felt was a slick talked slight on ESPN, the Queens rapper took to Twitter to apologize.

Action Bronson infamously said Ghostface Killah is “not rapping like this no more” on ESPN, which many people took as a shot at the Wu-Tang Clan rapper. Bronson backtracked on his comments, but nevetheless now Ghost Deini has aired out the Queens rapper on video. 

There’s rules to the beard life, and Action Bronson has the manual in this new clip from NYLON Magazine.

What’s an Action Bronson show without him chastising, or better (or worse, depending on who you ask) molly-whopping a fan?