One of the most beloved shoes in Hip-Hop is finally getting its’ flowers. A new documentary explores the importance of the Clarks Original Wallabee and we are here for it.

Fans of Wu-Tang Clan are in for a treat this fall. GZA, Raekwon And Ghostface Killah will be hitting the road together via the “3 Chambers” Tour.

Ghostface Killah is challenging the new generation to do right by the culture.

Double disc albums were all the rage in the mid to late 90’s but Ghostface Killah might be the first big name Hip-Hop artist to drop a double disc mixtape. Remixing his previous mixtape The Lost Tapes, Ghostface comes through with the double mixtape Ghost Files. Coming in at 25 cuts deep, the Ghost Files […]

It goes without saying The Wu-Tang Clan helped changed the Hip-Hop landscape as we know it and still continues to show and prove with solo efforts and collaborations from its vast number of artists. Ghostface Killah, one of the original members to find huge solo success, is steering the direction of a new album from […]

method man

Last night the culture was taken aback with shock and glee when Ghostface Killah posted a pic on IG of one of the most unlikeliest sightings you’d ever see in Hip-Hop history. Ghostface, Method Man and former FBI Director and current thorn in the side of Donald Trump, James Comey?!

Ghostface Killah entered the world of cyrptocurrency with the reported launch o Cream Capital, of which the Wu-Tang Clan Swordsman is a co-founder.

Ghostface Killah is about to start hearing a familiar name a lot more these days. The man who composed the Iron Man theme song is reviving his copyright infringement lawsuit stemming from samples on Supreme Clientele.

Ghostface Killah has proven to be the most consistent member of Wu-Tang Clan. Now his trusted ear for beats will be in charge of the next Wu-Tang album.

Why are BET Rap City videos not readily available? Anyway, one particular famed interview on the long gone show was when Big Tigger chopped it up with Ghostface Killah, and might have been moments from catching a fade. 

Attention Raekwon and Ghostface Killah fans, your dreams have been fulfilled, again. The Wu-Tang Clan lyricists are embarking on the Rae And Ghost United (RAGU) Tour this summer. 

Martin Shkreli knows how to milk a moment, and he used his air time on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club show to issue a threat towards one of the Wu-Tang Clan’s most beloved figures once again. Continuing their war of words, Shkreli threatened to smack Ghostface Killah in the face next time they cross paths.