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Ghostface, Method Man, James Comey

Source: Instagram/@realghostfacekillah / Instagram/@realghostfacekillah

Last night the culture was taken aback with shock and glee when Ghostface Killah posted a pic on IG of one of the most unlikeliest sightings you’d ever see in Hip-Hop history. Ghostface, Method Man and former FBI Director and current thorn in the side of Donald Trump, James Comey?!

That’s right. The two rappers and the ex-FBI agent posed for a picture together when they ran into each other backstage at the The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where they were slated to appear (separately of course) and let the world know that in the age of Trump, your enemy’s enemies are your friends for real.

We would say that Donald Trump would use this picture to his race-baiting advantage, but don’t forget that he did once make an appearance on Method Man’s Tical 2000 album.

While Comey is currently making the rounds promoting his new controversial book, A Higher Loyalty, Method Man and Ghost took the time to comically address racially motivated Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and the Justice Department’s refusal to give the Wu back their one of a kind album, Once Upon A Time in Shaolin.

After Colbert used a Keebler elf shaped cookie (get it?) to represent the controversial AG, Method Man snapped back at “Sessions” for not giving up the rare album. “Quit your yammering you old Keebler elf, you’ve got no business keeping that record to yourself!”

Yeah, we’re pretty sure Sessions is really going to make sure that album never sees the light of day now. Maybe James Comey can use some of his pull to help the Wu at least get a dubbed copy of the now legendary CD.

Check out the skit below and sound off on your thoughts of the Wu and James Comey posing for a picture together in 2018 (this would’ve been the kiss of career death in the 90’s).

Photo: Instagram