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Well, now it all makes sense. Joe Budden sat down with FUSE in an intimate interview and talked bout the personal demons each Slaughterhouse member went through in the past year. 

During the making of their second album, Welcome to: OUR HOUSE, Joe revealed that himself along with the other members of Slaughterhouse were under the influence throughout the process.

“I’ll say this about my Slaughterhouse brothers, I’m real anxious to work on the next Slaughterhouse project,” he said. “We all – and not to break anybody’s anonymity – we all battled a lot of demons recording that last album and I think we managed to beat them all. I was high recording that entire album, and I was probably high during all the interviews as well. Royce doesn’t drink Patron anymore. Crook doesn’t drink, Joell doesn’t drink. So this next Slaughterhouse project, it’s almost going to be like a whole new group. I can’t wait.”

The critically panned Welcome To: Our HOUSE failed to meet the expectations and follow up on the promise of their E1 self-titled debut album to many. Joey has handed in his solo album, No Love Lost, and is still riding the success of his latest mixtape, A Loose Quarter. They should all be applauded for kicking their habit. Check out the full interview down below.