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We do not like Serena Williams’ French tennis coach/adviser maybe boyfriend off G.P. Why? Because he was spotted rubbing all up on the star tennis pro’s cakes and we have no qualms saying that we are insanely jealous.

Deadspin has info on dude, if you care.

Patrick Mouratoglou is Serena Williams’s (French) coach. He’s the shirtless man in this photo who isn’t prune-shriveled. There are so many questions we have about the circumstances of this image, but we anticipate our questions remaining unanswered. So we will call your attention instead to the two bodies towering over the two engines. It’s Greek sculpture, the apotheosis of the human form, juxtaposed with man’s smoggy ravages. Classical meets modern. Iconoclastic sh-t. Bernini’s got nothing on this boating paparazzo.

Whatever, man. Recently, Williams declared that she din’t think that Caroline Wozniacki’s suspect, bra and shorts stuffing impression of her was racist.

More importantly for now, there are more snapshots of Serena chillin’ on this aforementioned boat, in a bikini, with the croissant eater in the gallery. You know what to do.

Photos: icpress/Sina Press

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