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Another Badu Birthday Bash

Source: Omar Vega / Getty

The City of Dallas and DART are giving fans of Erykah Badu a permanent “Window Seat” after unveiling the new “Badu Bus” to honor the Neo-Soul icon.

According to the announcement last week at a press conference outside Badu’s old high school, Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, the Grammy Award-winning singer and DART revealed they teamed up to put artwork on Dallas buses and trains; announcing that the design would be seen for the next year. Overwhelmed and excited by the DART x BADU collaboration, the “Next Lifetime ” artist said:

“If you are Black in Dallas, Texas, you know you made it, if you’re on the cover of Jet and on the cover of DART,” Badu said. “I was a hustler, everybody. And I’m still a hustler today. And what I’m hustling now is love, and kindness any kind of way I can. I want to thank y’all for allowing me this space, this platform, and this day; And, if you guys can give me my keys, I’d like to take my bus now.”

The “Badu Bus” is a collection of three buses and two trains that have been specially wrapped and decorated, featuring images of Badu and artwork designed to celebrate this collaboration. The new “Badu Bus” design will be operational throughout DART’s thirteen service area cities.

As noted by Dallas radio station, 97.9The Beat, students, teachers, and DART executives were thrilled to commemorate Badu at this significant milestone, ahead of her annual Birthday Bash event at The Factory in Deep Ellum, over the weekend. At the Birthday Bash, four lucky DART riders and their plus-ones received special access to a VIP section, private entrance, exclusive swag, and a DART monthly pass for riding on the “Badu Bus”.

When asked by the station about the significance of receiving the honor during Black History Month, given Black Americans’ history with the bus system, Badu said:

“Humor is my defense mechanism, so I don’t have anything funny to say about that,” Badu said. ”I remember there was one bus driver on my route — it wasn’t called DART at the time; it’s rebranded now, it was yellow and black and white. I remember my route, the No. 2 Ervay route to this school, Booker T. The bus driver was so sweet. He would let people on who didn’t have transfers or the money or stuff. He didn’t talk at all, he would just do a little [nods] go to the back kinda thing.’ It reminded me that there are still angels and love in the city.”