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As far as stoners are concerned, there will forever be room for a new weed strain (though some of us long for retro weed strains like Hydro and Chocolate), and recently a new strain dubbed “That Badu,” made it’s debut, and Erykah Badu and Berner indulged and discussed the latest hybrid.

Grown by Mad Cow Genetics, “That Badu” is a Limoncello cross-bred by Bret from Lemonade and from the looks of things, it looks like a hitter forreal. Watching the “Next Lifetime” singer, Berner and the crew roll it up, light it up, and inhale the new strain definitely made us curious and makes us want to get a taste of the new lemony flavored Mary Jane.

After being put under the spell of “That Badu,” Erykah Badu and Berner discuss not only the weed strain, but also the benefits of mushroom tea and get into an incense that Badu gets from her homie out in Brooklyn, New York. You know you high when you breakdown what your incense is made of and everyone is hella interested in what you’re saying. Just sayin.’

Check out Erykah Badu and Berner indulge in “That Badu” below and let us know if you’ll be checking for the weed strain when it hits your hood sometime in the future…or maybe next lifetime.