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When Lil Wayne deemed himself Hip-Hop’s resident Martian, we had no clue he’d try his luck at looking the part, too. Such is life, though. With growth comes change and in Weezy’s case, his look has come a long way since joining the ranks of Cash Money at the tender age of 11. Tunechi has grown into a branded package, complete with diamond encrusted grippers, body piercings and most notably, a host of tattoos.

Considering past boasts like “body marked up like a subway in Harlem,” Mr. Carter’s affinity for ink has been well documented. The infamous “Fear of God” on his eyelids with a cross above the “of” between his eyes is just one of many tattoos to be immortalized in countless photographs.

In many instances, the new found popularity of face-tats can be in part credited to Wayne, who’s still finding the space for new “art.” Today, Lil Wayne unveiled the latest, and perhaps most outrageous addition to his facial palette to date. The tattoo is a homage to skateboard company Baker, and is stylized based on the brand’s “Baked” logo on the rapper’s forehead.

Check below to see a short gallery detailing the history of Weezy’s facial tattoos, concluding with his latest Baker-inspired tat.

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