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Remember last month, when Beyoncé released a pair country music songs, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages,” and white country music fans across America had a collective Caucasian conniption over it? After she dropped the two songs, people immediately started debating whether or not the Renaissance singer was really cut from the country cloth, country music stations initially refused to play her new songs, and none of that prevented her from becoming the first Black woman to top Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart.

Well, one person who has had Bey’s back through all of it is country legend Dolly Parton, and that hasn’t changed now that folks are wondering if Beyoncé will cover Parton’s iconic hit “Jolene” on her upcoming album Act II, which drops on March 29.

In fact, last week, Parton all but confirmed that a Beyoncé cover of her 1973 smash hit does, in fact, exist, although she didn’t reveal whether or not it would appear on the new album.

“Well, I think she has! I think she’s recorded ‘Jolene’ and I think it’s probably gonna be on her country album, which I’m very excited about that,” Parton told the Knoxville News Sentinel.

“I love her!” Parton said of the “Church Girl” artist. “She’s a beautiful girl and a great singer.”

From Knox News:

But Parton said she has always wanted Beyoncé to cover that song, and that the two artists have been in contact over the years. “We’ve kind of sent messages back and forth through the years. And she and her mother were like fans, and I was always touched that they were fans, and I always thought she was great.”

Parton praised Beyoncé when “Texas Hold ‘Em” became a No. 1 country song. “I’m a big fan of Beyoncé and very excited that she’s done a country album,” Parton wrote in a statement on Instagram. “So, congratulations on your Billboard Hot Country number one single.”

Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Parton is excited about the possibility of Beyoncé covering “Jolene” since the 78-year-old also reacted positively when Lil Nas X covered the same song.

It’s just wonderful to see that when haters seem to be the loudest in the room, Parton refuses to let her voice be added to that particular echo chamber, and, instead, she serves as a beacon of support and positivity for those artists.

Anyway, fans are still just going to have to wait and see if Beyoncé’s “Jolene” cover makes it onto her new album. Either way, the Hive is ready. See y’all on March 23.