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Don Lemon is back on the airwaves with a new eponymously named show that was first thought to be an exclusive deal with the X platform and is now streaming everywhere. In a new interview, the veteran broadcaster shared some details of his fallout with CNN, his conversation with X honcho Elon Musk, and more.

Don Lemon exclusively spoke with PEOPLE about the new show, returning to CNN to tell his side of things regarding the Musk conversation, and what he hopes to do with his new show. Hip-Hop Wired has seen the first episode of the revamped The Don Lemon Show, which is currently live on YouTube, and DSPs such as iHeart and Spotify.


PEOPLE: And now you are on a new trail, with a new show.

LEMON: Like I said at the Time 100 gala, “I wanted to do something that scares me.” I’ve had this sort of idea swimming around in my head. I’ve always known that the future was going to be in streaming and it was going to be on these small device. Whether I had left CNN or not, that’s what I was going to lean into. To talk about things that are in the zeitgeist, to put issues out there that may not be handled or at least platformed on traditional broadcast television. I have the opportunity to talk a lot longer without having to rush to get to commercial breaks. I can do real conversations and I don’t have to be concerned about what you say, is it advertiser friendly, does it have to be sanitized? I don’t have to worry about that. I can have real conversations.

Check out the first episode of Don Lemon’s new show below.

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