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Two weeks in and Love And Hip Hop New York is overloaded with reality TV struggle. The  old cast members think they actually have a chance of being something other than “cast members,” and the new members are putting up a pretty strong fight for relevancy.


As we mentioned last week, Tahiry Jose and her backside are the unofficial stars of  LHHNY but on Monday night, a host of others tried to claw their way to supremacy. Joe Budden’s confession to relapsing— just after spazzing on his longtime friend Raqi— his talk with his mom, and opening the flood gates to let a few thug tears out were all notable moments, but there were lots more lighter scenes that were boiling over with struggle.

With so many people on the payroll it’s hard to keep up with the exact point  of this show, or how it will progress throughout the season, but that’s how it goes in the world of reality TV.

Because we know that these VH1 stars want nothing more than to matter among people that don’t know them (the public), Hip-Hop Wired has taken the time out to shine a light on the Top 10 struggle moments from last night’s episode.

You’re welcome.

Photos: VH1

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