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For a minute there not too long ago it seemed like the unlikely holy union between Micheal Jordan’s son, Marcus, and Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa was inevitable. But now the two aren’t just broken up, but apparently they aren’t even on speaking terms.

According to TMZ, Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen are on the total outs these days as the two have been broken up for weeks and don’t seem to be reconciling anytime soon. The breakup took many of their followers by surprise as the surprise “sports” couple even teased a possible wedding just last year only for them to ultimately go their separate ways as many (including Michael Jordan himself) disapproved of their relationship.

Per TMZ:

The two had a pretty rocky romance … and ultimately, they decided it was time to call it a day. With that being said, it’s impossible to say for sure we’ll never see these two together again … especially considering their track record of being on and off.

We’re told 49-year-old Larsa and Marcus, 33, haven’t been on speaking terms since the split … and they’re both focused on doing their own thing.

The signs were there — Larsa and Marcus unfollowed each other recently … and the oft-paparazzi’d duo haven’t been shot in public together in weeks.Of course, many considered the coupling to be a bit odd — Michael and Scottie have had a longstanding feud after winning six NBA championships together with the Chicago Bulls … and Larsa is a decade and a half older than Marcus.

You have to wonder what was the straw that broke the camel’s back in the relationship. Could it have been Marcus Jordan’s shady business practices when it comes to his exclusive sneakers? (Yeah, we still salty about that, b). Maybe his iconic father threatened to cut him off if he went through with the marriage? Who knows.

Still, we’re sure the two will eventually land on their feet as Larsa’s about to have a gang of wealthy men flood her DM’s to gauge her interest in moving on while Marcus will no doubt entice another woman with his family name. They’ll be aight.

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